Blondie, oh my


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Darin from GoddessNudes


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Such a smile

Such a smile! The vertical one too. 🙂

Thanks to GoddessNudes for the loan of the pictures.

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Nice labia

I think it’s a shame some women are sad about being redheads, or about having big labia. I’m envious of those who have either, I think it’s very sexy.

– CopBlonde

[Pictures curtesy of]

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Boned in the back

I saw a trailer for a porn video. A nurse fantasy. At one point the “nurse” was being f***ed in the ass with a human thighbone! Is that sick or what? I laughed myself silly. She asked “Are you boning me in the ass?” ROTFL.

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GoddessNudes is here.

Have you seen the fantastic new(ish) site GoddessNudes? is a new site, related to It has similarly cute girls, happiness and fun, but it has more… well… pussy. Not bad for those of us who likes that kinda thing.

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 It bugs me that on WordPress I can apparently only put a full picture, or a very tiny thumbnail. Does anybody know how to make the thumbnail much bigger? julya-g-1-8563-1.jpgjulya-g-1-8509.jpg

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tiffany.jpg Hot, eh? (Don’t worry, she’s 18. 🙂 

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Oh boy, yummy.

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S/M art

And now for something completely different…



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