Nice labia

I think it’s a shame some women are sad about being redheads, or about having big labia. I’m envious of those who have either, I think it’s very sexy.

– CopBlonde

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  1. I find that is one of many features that help make each woman unique. I have also noticed that even on the same woman, the labia changes, due to different circumstances.

    Every woman is unique and it is the combination of these differences that make each woman beautiful.

  2. you are very nice. i love you

  3. She is gorgeous. It is a shame how some women feel this to be an unattractive feature because of the stereotypes established by porn industry, where models surgically enhance their bodies. Natural is always beautiful and attractive.

  4. CB:
    Flori is a real cutie – evidently with a wonderfully ‘open’ personality, as well (see her other ‘Goddess Nudes’ photos). The camera loves her. Both her irresistibly expressive face and those lovely labia are on full display in her other shots. Another good choice! ~ TFD

  5. Excellent choice to photograph a woman with exquisite labias. Such beauty should be portrayed as a model of feminine beauty and celebrated. Body image as demonstrated by the media and other industries is a false portrayal of true feminine beauty. I personally wish to see more full figured models and less steryotype ideals of feminine beauty. Thank you for your work, photographers and webmasters! Thanks especially to the models who put themselves out there!

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